Foreign Exchange/Stocks Analysis

Analyze classic cases in Financial Markets and explore potential profit opportunities. Focused on applying theories of Foreign Exchange/Stocks into live trading. In this sector, we are trying to let you be good at drawing inferences about other cases from one instance. We will recommend some stocks or financial products that have investment value regularly in this column.

International Internship Application

Committed to career planning oriented professional skills training and cultivating high-quality talents in Financial/Accounting area. We provide coaching in psychology, behavior and language as well to help talents understand international enterprise culture. Quality Internship experience in famous Financial institutions and Accounting firms with Elites.

Daily Report

This column contains daily trading signals and analysis and strategies in currency pairs trading on that day. This sector is limited to students enrolled in Foreign Exchange Courses. If you need help, please directly contact us.

Daily Financial News Comments

This Column is focused on current affairs, hot spots of Economics and analysis of  trading strategies. Weekly review in Australian Dollars shall be released in every Monday, it pays close attention to foreign exchange, international trade, real estate investment and some other related area. And Market Comments is based on hot current affairs in the market.


Foreign Exchange Margin Trading is getting more and more popular amongst investors, as it includes lower investment, higher return, flexibility and some other advantages. FXPLUS Foreign Exchange Margin Trading Course is divided into Forex Foundation Course, Forex Advanced Course and Forex Drilling Course based on curriculum system.

Stock has nearly 400 years of history and originated from joint-stock company. So far, stock market is not only the primary way to raise capital for the joint-stock company, but also the most important and acceptable way to invest by personal investors and investment institutions. The Australian Stock Market is ideal

Accounting is always the first choice of major to oversea students as it is the only remaining business project in the Australian immigration professional. Many people find it becomes a problem to find accounting jobs after successful application of Permanent Resident. The Commercial and Business Management Course is set for overseas to help them solve the problem of employment and strengthen higher competitiveness.

Elite Internship Program is prepared in early 2014, and with gradually expansion, it has been accept by numerous famous companies in Fianncial area. Our purpose is to help graduates or graduating college students (especially oversea students) get internship experience and working reference, and let them blend into Australian Financial industry in a fastest and the most effective way.

Australian Securities & Investments Commission requires employees in specific fianncial/accounting area shall be qualified with relevant certificates. Based on the employment situation in Financial Industry, FXPLUS Trading Academy Melbourne Pty Ltd provides certificate training courses that meet requirements of Australian Securities & Investments Commission.

Academy News

FXPLUS Trading Academy Melbourne Pty Ltd New Office Launch Grand Opening Party

FXPLUS Trading Academy Melbourne Pty Ltd New Office Launch Grand Opening Party is hold in September 2014. Invited guests all attend in formal attire.

Amazing Career Seminar with ShineWing Pironti Consulting and Apex Macro

FXPLUS Trading Academy Melbourne Pty Ltd Elite Internship Program is welcomed and received by oversea students and financial industry insiders in Australia after it carried out.

FXPLUS Melbourne Elite Internship Program supported by Australian famous Forex platform Pepperstone Financial Company

Pepperstone is Australian leading domestic foreign exchange and precious metals trading platform and its monthly trading volume is over one hundred billion dollars, ranked No.11 in the World. FXPLUS Trading Academy Melbourne Pty Ltd Elite Internship Program is great recognized and supported by CEO of Pepperstone Financial Company.

Mr. Li appeared on the Wealth Cover of BQ Australia

Just step into Mr.Li's office, I can smell the tea and instantly recall the words of Ao Zhang“竹露松凤蕉雨,茶烟琴韵书声"(Ancient poetry). Until seeing Mr. Li, all of a sudden I cannot imagine that how to practice such a gentle temperament in the highly competitive trading environment.




【你的财富累积,从这里开始】下篇【How to keep money】

【你的财富累积,从这里开始】上篇【How to make money】


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